Book Review

“milk and honey” by: Rupi Kaur

the hurting.

the loving.

the breaking.

the healing.

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2017-06-05-04-34-32-11.jpgThrough this book I have learned what it is to hurt, to love, to break and to heal. Rupi Kaur is more than just a writer; she is an influencer, she has made me (and many others) who have read milk and honey, “feel.” She has taught the reading community the definitive difference between love and lust. Love being something raw, something lovely. Lust being dull and forgettable. Kaur also provided us with a promise; that you can heal. Most importantly, she had taught us we can not love others, without loving ourselves first.

Poems from milk and honey that made me feel:

“My favorite thing about you is your smell, you smell like earth, herbs, gardens, a little more human than the rest of us”

To Spencer, for you have trusted me enough to show me your tears, your anger and your joy; never be ashamed of this, for it is what makes you human.

“How do you turn a forest fire like me so soft, I turn into running water”

To mama, who is the toughest woman I know, and still the sweetest.

“To be soft is to be powerful”

To my sister, find your voice and be heard.

“The world has given you so much pain and you are making gold out of it” ~there is nothing purer than that

To daddy, thank you for inspiring me.

“Your body is a museum of natural disasters, can you grasp how stunning that is”

And finally, to myself, you are lovely and you have so much to offer to the world.

Final Words:

I have rated milk and honey 5/5 stars because “it has touched me, without even touching me.”

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